1st April 2018


新作:Re-Kaido Nigata, 2018


Renewal JR Genbi Shinkansen.


Genbi Shinkansen

24th July 2017


7月24日 月曜日から8月13日 日曜日まで。




24th Mon July - 13th Sun August 2017

At MINA-TO 1F Spiral Market



12th May 2017

5月12日よりMaho Kubota Galleryにて個展『ヒロシマ カラー」を開催致します。



Solo Show - Colours of Hiroshima - at Maho Kubota Gallery.

12th May - 24th June 2017


Maho Kubota Gallery

14th April 2017

広島 エディオン蔦屋家電の1F エレベータ部分に作品を制作しました、タイトルはヒロシマカラー。


Edion Tsutaya Kaden, Hiroshima

Colours of Hiroshima, 2017

From 14th April 2017 


Edion Tsutaya Kaden

01 September 2016

Maho Kubota Galleryにてグループ展示 AKI INOMATA、古武家賢太郎、ブライアン・アルフレッド TOKYO-LONDON-NEWYORK 開催。


2016年 9月1日から10月8日まで。


I am taking part in the new group exhibition which has just started at Maho Kubota Gallery, Tokyo,

where I will be showing a number of new drawings and paintings.

"TOKYO-LONDON-NEW YORK" Aki Inomata, Kentaro Kobuke, Brian Alfred

1st September - 8th October 2016


Maho Kubota Gallery



Sep 01 (Thu.), 2016 - Oct 08 (Sat.), 2016




 「東京—ロンドンーニューヨーク」と題された本展は東京=AKI INOMATA 、ロンドン=古武家賢太郎、ニューヨーク=ブライアン・アルフレッド、という大都市をホームグランドにするアーティストの作品を紹介することを目的としているものの、それはもしかしたら「ブエノスアイレスーテヘランーチェンマイ」でもあるかもしれないし、「ベオグラードーアデレイドーケープタウン」でもあったかもしれない。コンピュータをネットに繋ぐことで仮想世界のノマドであり続ける私たちは「大きな物語」を生きているようで、同時にごくパーソナルな「小さな物語」の主人公でもある。本展では「シェア(共有)」という概念、そして「アノニマス(匿名性)」、「ノイズ(雑音)」、さらに「コンフリクト(対立)」、「パーソナル(個人)」、「シンボル(象徴)」といったキーワードをもとに、複雑でフラジャイルな世界を行き来する現代の表現の行方を探っていきたいと思う。


MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY is delighted to announce a group exhibition entitled TOKYO / LONDON / NEW YORK.
This show introduces the works of three artists living in those major cities across the world—Aki Inomata in Tokyo, Kentaro Kobuke in London, and Brian Alfred in New York.

A feeling of incredible lightness comes from getting on a plane with just your laptop, passport, and minimal luggage in hand, or else just an iPhone in your pocket, and the next moment finding yourself in a totally different spot on the earth. Or maybe that kind of physical movement isn’t even necessary for us any more in the ‘warp’ of modernity we live in. With our highly complex forms of communication that transcend the restrictions posed by maps and time, truths that go beyond cultural differences and modes of thought, possessing both anonymity and universality, can have huge numbers of people across the world sharing their thoughts within a single instant.

The feeling of ‘sharing’ is now beginning to transverse even the barriers of time difference. The phenomenal number of images posted on Instagram every second speak of the seamless web of time that spreads across the world. While on the one hand this mass of images speaks of diversity of values, it also testifies to the fact the vehicle that is earth, spinning round at ferocious speed with us all on board, transforms personal language and individual desires into a sweeping tide. It already seems outside the realms of possibility to live a life that is unaffected by the huge forcefield created by the all-powerful whirlpool of the changing trends.

This exhibition entitled ‘Tokyo/London/New York’ introduces the works of three artists living in those major cities across the world—Aki Inomata in Tokyo, Kentaro Kobuke in London, and Brian Alfred in New York—but the exhibition could just as well have been Buenos Aires/Tehran/Chiang Mai, or Belgrade/Adelaide/Capetown. As we join up our computers to the net and thereby assume a nomadic presence in that imaginary world, we become part of a ‘bigger story’, as well as the protagonist of our own personal ‘small stories’. As it explores key concepts such as sharing, anonymity, noise, conflict, symbols, and the individual, the exhibition investigates contemporary forms of expression making tracks in this complex, fragile world of ours.

01 September 2016



I am please to announce my website kobuke.com has been renewed.